Sammy Lee – Māyā-bheda


© 2016
edition of 30
dimensions in inches: 5.5 x 5.25 x 7.5


About this piece:
Māyā-bheda is a collaboration with Boulder based photographer Joshua Bergeron. The images were taken during the Bengali holiday of Durga Puja, in the capital of West Bengal – Kolkata, India. Using a combination of images from an iPhone as well as a conventional camera, images were captured candidly within the documentary and street photography genre. The construction is based upon the design of the original Kodak camera released in 1888, which in many ways brought portable photography to the masses. In Hinduism, the term Māyā-bheda refers to the destruction of perceived reality. The book serves as a vehicle to examine the assumptions of India for both Bergeron and I. The cameras used for images and the graduated orange lens on the outer shell of the book explores the notions of how India is interpreted by optical tools. For viewers, the interactive viewing experience of the book will offer a chance to examine their own perceived realities of India.

Joshua Bergeron:Josh has shown work at Milk Gallery in New York City as part of their Underground Show in the Fall of 2011 and at the 3rd International Biennial of Fine Art and Documentary Photography in October of 2014 in Malaga, Spain. Josh has published photo essays in Rear Curtain Magazine while on assignment and contributed to Rex Features UK, the Huffington Post, and the Picture Professional. He has also shown in galleries in Colorado such as the now closed Camera Obscura in Denver and Open Shutter in Durango.
binders board, glass, book cloth, tyvek, leather, thread, magnet, plastic
About the artist:

lives in Denver, Colorado, United States

Sammy Seung-min Lee is an interdisciplinary artist and a proprietor of Studio SML |k in Denver, Colorado. Her book works focus on spatial, narrative, and sequential qualities, as she incorporates her diverse studies in fine art, design and architecture. To her, book-art is a medium in which an artist’s unique cultural and educational experiences converge. Sammy’s works can be viewed at various special collections at both in the U.S. and abroad. She studied bookbinding under a master bookbinder and book artist, Daniel Kelm at the Wide Awake Garage in Easthampton, Massachusetts.

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Sammy Lee – Māyā-bheda

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