Sarah Hulsey – Conversations in Syntax – SOLD


© 2012

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dimensions in inches: 9.75 x 12.25 x 1.5



About this piece:
This piece explores the syntax of various conversational exchanges through a charting system for overheard dialogs. Sentences are collected, coded by color, and diagrammed through stitches, providing a schematic index of interpersonal encounters. The diagrammatic system used is one invented for the project in which nested boxes represent the organization of individual words into phrases, themselves part of larger phrases. The nested boxes, along with the technique of hand stitching, suggest the mereological relationship between words and phrases. The unbound structure allows the sentence diagrams to be rearranged, creating new, imagined dialogs.

paper, thread, cloth, book board
About the artist:

Lives and works in Somerville, Massachusetts, United States

Sarah Hulsey received an MFA in Book Arts/Printmaking at the University of the Arts, Philadelphia in 2013. She also holds degrees in Linguistics from Harvard (BA, 2001) and MIT (PhD, 2008). She has had two solo shows, Diagraphia, Gallery 263, Cambridge, MA 2016 and Textual Observations, Printmaking Gallery, University of the Arts 2014; a two-person show, Schemata, Maud Morgan Arts, Cambridge, MA 2016; and numerous group shows. She was awarded the 2016 Walter Feldman Fellowship for Emerging Artists in New England and a 2015 Rare Book School Fath Scholarship for Artists and Artisans of the Book.

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Sarah Hulsey – Conversations in Syntax – SOLD

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