Sarah Nicholls – Phosphorescent Face Highlighter


© 2010
edition of 45
dimensions in inches: 9.25 x 6.25 x .25

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about this piece

paper, ink, adhesive, cloth

Artist’s statement about this work:

A limited edition letterpress publication documenting the transformational experience in all its forms. By bringing together in one volume the wisdom of Adolf Loos, The Landmark Forum, Weight Watchers, Le Courbusier, Alcoholics Anonymous, Oil of Olay and Dale Carnegie, among others, Phosphorescent Face Highlighter will help you to lose weight, realize your potential, quit drinking, heal your relationships, design new contexts and paradigms, hide those tiny lines and wrinkles, build the city of the future, move beyond the tired aesthetics of the past, and much, much more.

Text of the book is found text, from the above named sources as well as many others, recombined and edited down into a new form.

Produced in an edition of 45 at the Center for Book Arts, NYC. Printed and hand bound in cloth over boards. Text and image letterpress printed on a Vandercook Uni III from linoleum blocks and handset metal type.     Transformation is the great American narrative. This book documents as many different versions of transformation, all at once, all at the same time.


About the artist:

Sarah Nicholls is a visual artist whose work combines language, image, visual narrative, and time. She has written a collection of self-help aphorisms, publishes a series of informational pamphlets, and has just completed a field guide to extinct birds. For twelve years, she ran the studio programs at the Center for Book Arts in NYC, organizing workshops, public programs, residencies, and publications that advance the art of the book. Her limited edition artist books are in the collections of the Brooklyn Museum, Oberlin, Stanford University, and the University of Washington, among others.

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Sarah Nicholls – Phosphorescent Face Highlighter