Sarah Spira – Second Cut

© 2017
edition of 1
dimensions in inches: 6.25 x 3.25 x .5

about this piece

About this piece:

I’ve spent my life studying the connection between the food we eat and the land it is from- specifically through the lens of cheese. During a recent trip to Vermont I visited the Randi Albert Calderwood Cropping Center in Craftsbury, Vermont and collected second cut hay from the 2017 growing season. The cyanotype prints are of this second hay, and this piece was created to strengthen the connection to the temporality of crop harvesting and food production, and how integral it is the preservation milk, in the form of cheese, through traditional cheesemaking practice. This practice connects the food we eat to the land from which it is produced in a perfect example of “terroir.” The Cropping Center is owned by Jasper Hill Farm, a dairy farm and creamery with an underground aging facility located in the Greensboro, VT, whose mission is to support the working landscape of Vermont.


cyanotype, paper, glue

About the artist:

Sarah Spira was born in Chicago, Illinois and currently resides in Denver, Colorado. Sarah has a B.A. in Sociology and Anthropology from Earlham College, and a M.S. in Library and Information Science from Simmons College. Sarah’s training in art has been through numerous classes and workshops in drawing, book binding, painting, ceramics, and mixed media coursework at the Art Institute of Chicago, Earlham College, Simmons College, the North Bennet Street School and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston.

Sarah has an M.S. in Library and Information Science, has worked in book preservation, historic collections, and is currently the Content Manager for the American Cheese Society.

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Sarah Spira – Second Cut