Sha Towers – Knownunknown – SOLD OUT

© 2015
edition of 8
3.25 x 6



Created for the 2015 Ideation Experience exhibition.

vellum, paper, ink, acrylic

Artist Statement about work:

KnownUnknown explores the fragmented realities wherein the people around us are both known and unknown. Pairing stories of a grandfather I never knew and glimpses of people known through social media, this work illuminates the dichotomy of knowing intimate details of someone while at the same time knowing little or nothing of substance about them. The work was created at BlackHare Studio. Type was handset using Cloister Lightface, Univers, & Franklin Gothic. Printed on No. 4 Vandercook. Pages include image transfers & hand drawn icons. Outer structure incorporates acrylic monoprinting (with color choice referencing the social media spheres contained in the texts). Though my card draw specified accordion, I stretched this to include the blizzard book structure (which is in part based on the accordion). I chose this structure because it afforded the reader control over the order of the fragmentary texts rather than a linear, fixed order.

Created using the following Ideation Deck card draws: color – single color; structure – accordion (hidden deep inside the blizzard book structure!) image – collaborate with another artist; technique – mixed media; layout – minimal or restrained; text – self-generated; paper – pre-treated. Adjectives – wildcard (incorporate self-reflexivity or evidence of process), wildcard (add tabs, pockets or windows to your project), mysterious or coded, fragmented or mosaic, encyclopedic

About artist:

Sha Towers is the Fine Arts Librarian at Baylor University. He first encountered artist’s books in 2007, promptly fell in love with them, and immediately began building a collection for his institution, which now numbers about 700 works. He has been active in promoting book artists and their work with art students and studios and introducing artist’s books to disciplines outside the arts.


Sha Towers – Knownunknown – SOLD OUT