Sha Towers – Mysterion – SOLD

© 2017
edition of 1
dimensions in inches: 7.5 x 5.25 x .25



about this piece

About this piece:

Mysterion explores facets of mystery through abstract mark making and quotes reflecting the profound and ubiquitous natures of mystery. This work also reflects the influences of a number of artist friends through the various techniques and construction. While the word mysterion is etymologically related to the English word mystery, it’s meaning is more closely connected to that which is mystical and “awaits disclosure or interpretation.” The work reflects on several quotations, represented in whole and in parts, both legible and obscured. Marks were made using a variety of calligraphic instruments such as folded pens, automatic pens, pointed pens, bamboo, and brushes and expressed in sumi, walnut and metallic inks, watercolor, metallic pigment, and gum arabic.The structure is a reverse flat hinge binding using Canson cold press watercolor paper for the pages and covers and Canson Mi Tientes paper for the spine.


paper, ink, pigment, gum arabic

About the artist:

Shā Towers is the librarian for visual arts and theatre arts at Baylor University. He also serves as Associate Director of the Central Libraries and Director of Research and Engagement. His interest in artists’ books began in 2007 and resulted in the inception of the Baylor Book Arts Collection, which he curates and which now numbers 1,000 works. He created his first artist’s book, KnownUnknown in 2015, a small edition, letterpress printed work.

Fine Arts Librarian and library administrator

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Sha Towers – Mysterion – SOLD