Shawn Sheehy – A Pop-Up Culinary Herbal – SOLD OUT

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“A Pop-Up Culinary Herbal” is the second volume in my Plant Lore of the 21st Century series. The first volume, “A Pop-Up Field Guide to North American Wildflowers,” brought the custom of gifting a flower to communicate a message into the 21st century. The “Herbal” does the same with the custom of eating a vegetable to cure a bodily ill.

My herbal diverges from historical precedent. I imagine that one can prescribe vegetables to cure cultural ills, both on the societal and individual levels. Therefore: pumpkin consumption mellows the radical fundamentalist, and potato consumption restores humility to those who seek unwarranted celebrity.

Aside from the pleasure of researching old herbals and inventing cures based on their pre-scientific logic, I enjoyed the challenge of showcasing the beauty and structural interest of these plants. And ultimately, I enjoy being a cheerleader for vegetables!

Shawn Sheehy’s interest in paper engineering is a result of study in sculpture, graphic design and book arts. His interest in the natural world stems from his years living in rural Indiana and teaching environmental studies. Shawn creates limited-edition pop-up books, contributes on the occasional commercial pop-up project and teaches paper engineering workshops. If he’s not in the studio, you can find him in the garden.

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Shawn Sheehy – A Pop-Up Culinary Herbal – SOLD OUT

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