Shelly DeChantal – Revealed


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dimensions in inches: 16 x 40 x 1.75


about this piece

About this piece:

Of the many ways to tell a story, it is the inner narrative revealed in a musical manuscript that resonates with our deepest emotions. The universal language of music transcends the limits of the spoken and written word and evokes a more intuitive experience.

In this piece, I refer to the language of musical notation, in particular, the unique style of Beethoven’s musical sketches.

Unlike other composers of his time, Beethoven worked through his musical ideas on paper. It is reported that he wrote down every musical idea that came to him and returned to them throughout his life. Without the availability of paper, which was handmade during most of Beethoven’s life, the world would be bereft of much of his musical genius.

Through the process of making paper and using these papers in my work, I celebrate the role that paper has long played in facilitating creative expression in the arts.


paper, wood, fabric, paint

About the artist:

Shelly DeChantal’s dance with all things fiber began, when as a teenager, she discovered she could sew bits of cloth into whatever her imagination could conjure. She continued to school herself in all manner of surface design processes; landing for extended periods in the worlds of machine applique, silk painting, hand embroidery and Japanese Shibori dyeing.

In recent years, Shelly has embraced hand papermaking. She is inspired by its rich history, the characteristics of various paper pulps and its sculptural potential.

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Shelly DeChantal – Revealed