• Shu-Ju Wang Sheila
  • Shu-Ju Wang Sheila

Shu-Ju Wang – Sheila


© 2008
edition of 20
5.75 x 9

about this piece

Shu-Ju Wang: “In her professional life, Sheila was a printmaker. She owned and worked in her Imprimery Graphics Studio making intaglios and collographs. She continues to make her art, creating collages, and sculptures out of readily available materials. In many ways, Sheila was very far down the road of memory loss. Often, I could not understand what she was trying to tell me. However, when she can focus on color, composition, and value, she is still the consummate artist.”

30 pages. Gocco printed on Rives Lightweight, Nepal Light, and Nepal Heavyweight. Original alphabet and book design by Shu-Ju Wang. Individual prints by Sheila Springer. Stab binding.

Born and raised in Taiwan, and trained as an engineer, Shu-Ju Wang settled in Oregon after stays in Saudi Arabia, California, and New Jersey. In 2000, she left engineering to become a full time artist. With an immigrant’s eye, Shu-Ju paints a portrait of her sometimes wonderful, sometimes unsettling, first generation American life.

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Shu-Ju Wang – Sheila