Slavko Djuric – interdependAnce


© 2019
edition of 12
dimensions in inches: 11 x 11 x .5

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About this piece:

In this project I have challenged myself to develop a gregarious edition of books linked into a freestanding installation. These 12 books can be still seen as copies or as individual objects, but the synaptic connections between them allude to the books being interlocked elements of a bigger structure, or perhaps a kolo – a circular group-dance from Balkans, danced hand-in-hand.

Isolated, as the book opens and the image halves split away, its secret doesn’t reveal itself in front of the viewer. It is only in the presence of other books that one would be able to grasp the scope of this project.

Each book opens with a line from the poem ‘Raskovnik’ by a Serbian poet Branko Miljković
Otvori kamen sto prećuta zvezde svojoj tami
which reads as
Open the stone which hasn’t mentioned the stars to its own darkness

The images of interdependAnce! originate from a series of introspective drawings made as a part of a daily art practice, later turned into a series of reductive screen prints. A portrait as both personal and cultural document, permeates the complexity of human experience in an effort to capture a vital (dis)balance. These unintentionally made self-portraits arose from the selfless state of mind, reflecting upon the constant flux between our feral nature and cyborgian future.


ink, foil, book cloth, paper, beeswax

About the artist(s):

Lives and works in New York, New York, United States

Slavko Djuric is a book artist based in New York City. He produces small editions of hand made books with challenging structures. The modular nature of his book projects often results in interactive spatial installations. In 2019 he received the Book Artist Scholarship from the Center for Book Arts in NYC. Slavko was born in Kragujevac, Yugoslavia (1979) and received a BFA in Printmaking (2002) at Art University of Prishtina, Kosovo, Serbia.


Slavko Djuric – interdependAnce