Sue Clancy – Coffee Beans Plus H20


© 2016

edition of 6

dimensions in inches: 8 x 8


About this piece:
In Coffee Beans Plus H20 Sue Clancy playfully explores the concept of time – plus coffee beans and water – combining to make a pleasant cup of coffee.

Sue Clancy hand carved the printing blocks used to create the images.
filter paper, ink, linen thread
About the artist:

Lives and works in Vancouver, Washington, United States

Sue Clancy’s artist books and hand dyed paper fine art collages incorporate her own original concepts, designs, drawings and writings. Both her fine art and her artist books have been purchased by many public institutions, like the UCLA Fine Arts Library in California, and also many private collectors. She has won awards such as the Zolli Page Award for Papermaking. She is represented by the 23 Sandy Gallery in Portland Or, the Caplan Art Designs in Portland Oregon, The Joseph Gierek Fine Art Gallery in Tulsa Oklahoma.

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Sue Clancy – Coffee Beans Plus H20

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