Sun Young Kang – Hair (머리카락)


© 2018
edition of 20
dimensions in inches: 5 x 3 x .5

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About this piece:
Shed hair is no longer physically part of me, but it still contains information (Genetic, protein, etc.) that are specifically myself. The only difference is in the loss of physical connection. This piece questions how this common thinking reflects how people relate/connect to each other. As a person who always feels living in between two cultures feeling forever outsider in either place, this thought also reflects how immigrants are often separated from their families, so that emotional connection is weakened or even lost over time and the people become more isolated from their homeland that way.

From the colophon:

“I feel estranged by myself being disgusted by my own hairs on the floor. Once, they were precious as part of me. But once they are shed, I alienate them and even hate them. So, I decide to collect my hairs that I lose as my way of embracing both of the feelings toward myself— the obsession and contempt.”

The texts in this book is both narratives and images. They are my own narratives about my shed hair written in Korean and embroidered on each pages with my own shed hairs.


hair, paper, museum board, laser toner

About the artist:

Sun Young Kang, originally from Korea, resided in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, PA and currently Buffalo, NY. Kang received her MFA in Book Arts/Printmaking from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and BFA in Korean Painting from Ewha Woman’s University in Seoul, Korea.
Kang is a recipient of Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant and PRIX WHANKI Award of Whanki Museum/Foundation, Korea, and was a fellow of the Center for the Emerging Visual Artists in Philadelphia. Her work has been presented in numerous solo and group exhibitions in museums and galleries nationally and internationally.


Sun Young Kang – Hair (머리카락)