• Susan King Treading the Maze
  • Susan King Treading the Maze

Susan King – Treading the Maze – OUT OF PRINT


‘The trade book version of an artists book of the same title. This book concerns two journeys: a summer sabbatical spent visiting medieval sites in Europe, and a winter spent recovering from breast cancer.Each woman who learns she has breast cacner enters a maze of bewilderment, fear, and isolation. Family and friends are alos drawn in, unsure of which way to turn or what words to say. Artist and writer Susan King, herself diagnosed with breast cancer, has created a unique and beautiful book, a life-affirming journey through the labyrinth of disease.In Treading the Maze, Susan King embarks on two voyages, braving the uncharted territory of cancer after setting off to explore the medieval Europe she had always dreamed of visiting. Transformed by her journey and the inspiration she found there, she has created a new path, a rich odyssey of words and images. Treading the Maze – with its crosshatching of alternating narratives and eluxive images – reflects the heightened awareness of being in the maze of illness. Here it is possible to find the unexpected connection between, for example, the red lasers of radiation therapy and the rose window at Chartres Cathedral – both healing mandalas, separated by the ages. Here is art from suffering, humor from the absurd, and a will to create from the specter of loss.

Susan E. King is an artist, writer, and printer who has been creating intriguing artist’s books since 1975. She is the founder of Paradise Press. Her work is included in the collections of the Getty Center in Los Angeles, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris, and other prestigious venues. She lives and works in Kentucky.’, ‘Susan

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Susan King – Treading the Maze – OUT OF PRINT

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