Tekla McInerney – We Had the Hare for Dinner –

8.25 x 5.5 x .25
© 2013
edition of 1


linen, thread, wax paper bag, paper

“Put your knife in at ‘a’ and cut down to the rump, on one side of the backbone, in the line ‘a’ to ‘b’.” A nineteenth century household manual asserts that everyone should know how to carve a joint of meat-while seated. The tutorials are uncomplicated-“when all are served, cut off the head”-and include simple illustrations with dotted lines to map the line of incision. We Had the Hare for Dinner loosely follows that same dispassionate, instructional format with the addition of modern food ethics-and a dash of levity. The text is original and the embroidery is done by hand.

Full text: The lobster screamed when the doorbell rang, and I went hungry again. The goose screamed when the turkeys sighed, and I went hungry again. The hare screamed when the terrier danced, and I went hungry again.

Tekla McInerney is an artist and designer living in Florence, Massachusetts. She makes prints and books and exhibits them throughout the U.S. She is a member of Zea Mays Printmaking studio and is represented in their Flat File project. Her work is found in numerous special collections.

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Tekla McInerney – We Had the Hare for Dinner –

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