Teresa Pankratz – She dreamt of a house with five rooms – SPECIAL ORDER ITEM


© 2007
edition of 10
dimensions in inches: 4 x 7 x 11

Available by special order. Please contact gallery to confirm availability.


About this piece:

“She dreamt of a house with five rooms” is a non-linear tale told in objects, a fluid portrait of person and place. Inside its handmade, archival inkjet printed shoebox container are five found and altered domestic objects, some wearing letterpress printed narrative labels, another sporting hand embroidered text and others residing in letterpress printed, handcrafted packaging. These artifacts of dreams and desires are the repositories of a coming-of-age tale, portals into a place and time existing only in recollection and imaginings. I began having my own dreams of rooms in January of 2005, after I receiving word that my childhood home had burned to the ground. No lives were lost and my mother, the sole inhabitant, proved a resilient survivor. The house, however, was leveled – creating an absence in my physical, emotional and psychological landscape that was, perhaps, more powerful than its presence ever had even been…
I spent two years journaling, processing and sketching my responses to this fire before beginning this piece. Its completion initiated an ongoing body of work, “The Dream House Collection OR Tales of Narrow Escape, A Sculptural Novel”, a gallery-size installation telling the fictional tale of the transformations that occur in the lives of three adult siblings when their childhood home burns to the ground. Each object in “She dreamt…” represents a core, transformative moment in the coming-of-age of the character, Marissa Vorobia.


paper, ink, thread, cloth, plastic, vinyl, wax, wood, metal

Artist bio:

Teresa Pankratz is an interdisciplinary book and paper artist living and working in Chicago. She uses the mediums of printmaking, bookbinding, sculpture, writing and performance to tell stories. Her tales of desire, loss and transformation find their physical form as artists’ books and narrative installations. Teresa has been exhibiting since 1988. Venues have included the Ryerson Library of the Art Institute of Chicago, the New York Center for Book Arts and the Minnesota Center for Book Arts. Her artists’ books are part of special collection libraries throughout the United States.

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Teresa Pankratz – She dreamt of a house with five rooms – SPECIAL ORDER ITEM

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