Thomas Parker Williams – Voyage No. 1


© 2017
edition of 1
dimensions in inches: 8.5 x 11 x 3.75

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About this piece:

This voyage contains an original watercolor and ink painting on a Tyvek scroll that is 5 inches high and 120 inches long. Although this painting may appear to reference actual geographic locations and weather conditions that may exist or have once existed, the images do not exist in photographic form and are painted from memory. The painting is viewed through a window on the top panel of the container. By turning the brass hand wheel the journey begins.


tyvek, watercolor, ink, wood, brass

About the artist(s):

Lives and works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Thomas Parker Williams lives and works in Philadelphia, PA, USA. His work includes hand-made artist book editions, unique book works, printmaking, and painting. Some of his artist book editions contain an audio element – music or sound work – composed, performed, and recorded by the artist. Tom’s artist books are in numerous private and public collections.


Thomas Parker Williams – Voyage No. 1