Tim Hopkins/Lupe Núñez – Imaginary Letters by Mary Butts


c. 2019
edition of: 100
dimensions: 8.75 x 4.75 x 1.25

Link to video of Imaginary Letters on Vimeo.

The edition seems like a hardback book, but opens to reveal eight numbered envelopes tied with a ribbon: each contains one of the eight letters that comprise Mary Butts’s 1928 novella Imaginary Letters.

The envelopes are uniform but the letter inside each is very different in material, form and layout, reflecting and enhancing the atmosphere of the novella. Each letter is decorated with Lupe Núñez’s beautiful modernist marginalia.

The book is typeset and printed by hand using a tabletop Adana 8×5 letterpress, and the impression of type on page helps the effect of reading real letters from a real person. The various textures and forms of each letter, and the pleasure of discovery as each envelope is opened, work together with the text itself to make a rich tactile and reading experience.


paper, board, ribbon, bookcloth, ink

About the artist:

Tim Hopkins makes artist’s books for reading, using moveable type and a tabletop letterpress. He is based within sight of Peckham Rye, in South-East London, UK. His edition of The Book of Disquiet by Fernando Pessoa won the MCBA Prize in 2017.

Lupe Núñez is an artist, musician and illustrator living in North London, UK.

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Tim Hopkins/Lupe Núñez – Imaginary Letters by Mary Butts