Velma Bolyard – November A Map


© 2015
edition of 41
dimensions in inches: 8 x 7 x .5

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About this piece:

This piece was made by contact printing on half sheets of Arches Velin. The large size was folded in various ways, contact printed with plants and found metals sourced from my home landscape. All plant matter was harvested honorably and includs leaves, flowers, berries, fungi, lichens. It is placed in direct contact with the paper, tightly bound, immersed in well water and dyed in a simmering bath. The unbound and washed sheets were then printed with an unnamed old typeface on an antique Washington Hoe press at Caliban Press collaborating with pressman Mark McMurry. After printing with a deep umber ink, the maps were torn down and folded. The book is presented in a windowed envelope sewn by Velma, with a separate colophon inserted. November, A Map is part of Velma’s Hortus Siccus Project.
The making of the book was a collaboration with Mark McMurray of Caliban Press in Canton, NY. I took my papers, poem and meander book layout idea to the press. Mark figured it all out, taught me to set type, showed me ink options, and then in two sessions we printed the books. He die cut the envelope moon, tore the pages and printed the extra text insert, and I sewed and cut the big curve and folded the books. We put the books in their envelopes, wiped our brows, and declared it done.

paper, ink, plants

About the artist:
resides in Canton, New York, United States
Velma Bolyard is a papermaker, fiber artist and artists book maker living in New York’s North Country near the Adirondack Forest Preserve. Velma’s work explores a rich connection to the land in her adopted home, sourcing much of her resources directly from the land. Her work has taken her across the country and to Australia to teach and exhibit, and her books are held in many collections. In addition to her artists books, her botanical and contact printed papers are used by printers and bookbinders. She specializes in shifu, a spun and woven paper textile, using it in her bookwork.


Velma Bolyard – November A Map