Woody Leslie – Parsely


c 2016
edition of 200
6.5 x 9.25 x .25

About this piece:
Parsely is a verbo-visual artist’s book that uses words alone to both narrate and illustrate a story, ostensibly about the neighbor’s parsley being eaten by some caterpillars under the author’s watchful eye. The reader is pulled through the book by the story’s narrative, but simultaneously slowed down by escalating digressions of language. As the book progresses, the pages grow ever denser, filled by increasing footnotes, vocabulary definitions, exegesis by individual words, talking punctuation and page numbers, and growing chains of word associations spilling across the page. It’s a thirty-second story that takes nearly thirty minutes to read, and even longer to fully unpack. In the end, the book is a meditation on words and language, the caterpillars and parsley simply acting as our guides.
paper, ink
About the artist:

Woody Leslie is an artist, book maker, and performer who makes large homes for tiny ideas. He takes small thoughts about language, memories, and insignificant personal ritual, and reframes them as official histories, grand theories, and significant objects. By co-opting established forms, he invents authority for concepts that have no business being official. With a background in music & performance, Woody incorporates books into his performances, and make performances out of his books, through fictional lectures, interactive and performable books, installations, and take-home book objects.


Woody Leslie – Parsely