Woody Leslie – Understanding Molecular Typography- SOLD OUT

c 2015
edition of 100
6 x 4 x .25




About this piece:

Molecular typography is the study of the chemical and physical underpinnings of letters. All characters are formed from seven basic atomic building blocks, known as typtoms. These typtoms come together in various combinations and configurations to form letters, numbers, and punctuation. Typtoms are not just theoretical tools for exploring the anatomy of type, but actual particles. Letters are molecules.

Understanding Molecular Typography is a book by H.F. Henderson, published in 1992, designed as an introduction to molecular typography for the layman. Part primer, part field guide, it lays out the basic principles, followed by detailed diagrams of the molecular formation of letters, numbers, and punctuation. A conclusion sums up the field of molecular typography to date, and a glossary and list of further reading provides valuable reference for the reader looking to learn more.

paper, ink

About the artist:

Woody Leslie is an artist, book maker, and performer who makes large homes for tiny ideas. He takes small thoughts about language, memories, and insignificant personal ritual, and reframes them as official histories, grand theories, and significant objects. By co-opting established forms, he invents authority for concepts that have no business being official. With a background in music & performance, Woody incorporates books into his performances, and make performances out of his books, through fictional lectures, interactive and performable books, installations, and take-home book objects.

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Woody Leslie – Understanding Molecular Typography- SOLD OUT

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