Woody Leslie – Words and Vegetables Deluxe


© 2017

edition of 10 (deluxe)

dimensions in inches: 9 x 6 x 1


Words & Vegetables is an editioned artist’s book that explores the nature of memory through a series of autobiographical micro-memoirs, and poetic typographical constructions. The book itself reflects the growing of a garden, with four sections representing the four seasons of the year. Each season thematically groups four types of written works, known as Crops, which are cultivated throughout the book: Memoiries (poetic memories about words or vegetables); Languegetables (one-word poems rooting vegetables in language, and vice versa); Vegetables (giant-font iterations of veggies that draw attention to the physicality of words); and WeedWords (illustrative veggo-verbal growths). Through the progression of these pieces, the book draws strong parallels between words and vegetables as the same thing—entities grown, tended to, and consumed by humans.

This deluxe version is a limited edition of 10 books, numbered and signed, each one housed in a clamshell box along with some words (Languegetables booklet), and vegetables (a packet of seeds, unique for each copy).

paper, ink, thread, cloth

About the artist:
Woody Leslie is an artist, book maker, and performer who makes large homes for tiny ideas. He takes small thoughts about language, memories, and insignificant personal ritual, and reframes them as official histories, grand theories, and significant objects.

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Woody Leslie – Words and Vegetables Deluxe

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