Zeinab Saab – Al-Infijar (The Explosion) – SOLD

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dimensions in inches: 6 x 8



Al-Infijar (The Explosion)

About this piece:
This book was made prior to The First Word as a tool for exploring the different variations monotype could provide in terms of texture. My main focus was to develop a texture that eludes to celestial qualities found within space, and exploring the ideas of the beginning of existence, hence the title of the book. The book has textural notes eluding to the earth, specifically water and dirt, discussing the beginning of life on earth. I found it interesting attempting to containing such vast elements in the form of a book, as if the book is a vessel holding on to these elements.

The images submitted are pages from the accordion style book, made with monotype. The book spans up to five feet or so, showing a variety of textures that come together to create this book.

paper, ink

About the artist:
Lives and works in DeKalb, Illinois, United States.

Zeinab Saab received her BFA in Printmaking from Bowling Green State University in 2015. She is currently a second year MFA Candidate at Northern Illinois University, continuing her practice in Printmaking. Her work focuses on the terminology used within bookmaking and its ties to the body is a relationship, and discusses specific points within Islamic history, practice, and philosophies in regards to the body and spirit.

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Zeinab Saab – Al-Infijar (The Explosion) – SOLD

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