Zoë Elisabeth Bulick – Black Hole – no longer available

© 2015
edition of 30
4 x 4 x 10


about this piece


Created for the 2015 Ideation Experience exhibition.

tyvek, mat board, book cloth, book board, mylar


Artist Statement about work:

With my history of creative work being rooted in writing and poetry, when I drew “none” for my text card, I was really concerned with how I would come up with a book idea that would feel like a complete piece with out using words. Black hole is a metaphor in more ways then one. It offers a small space for mediation on everything and nothing at the same time. Working with all of the restrictions that the cards held worked out to be this perfect storm to create this book. Early on in the process I landed on the tunnel book structure, and combining that with space, making a black hole seemed like the next logical step. So I set out to find a tunnel like structure that I could fully enclose on all sides but one, that would lay flat, and also expand, so that I could actually make a book that was also a black hole. Black Hole is a path between the known and the unknown, the self and the rest of everything.

Created using the following Ideation Deck card draws: color – favorite ; structure – innovative structure ; image – extracted from a single image ; technique – digital; layout – centered on the page; text – none; paper- neutral. Adjectives: textured , overwhelming , historical , fragmented or mosaic , transparent

About artist:

Zoë Elisabeth Bulick is a poet and book artist originally from Boulder, Colorado. She now lives in Oakland, California where she is completing her MFA in Book Art and Poetry from Mills College. She draws inspiration from the intricacies of relationships, from Space, from the vast void of the unknown, from trash beaches, and meditative quiet places. Her work often works as a reflection on the self, intertwined with the world around.

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Zoë Elisabeth Bulick – Black Hole – no longer available