Leslie Marsh – Black – SOLD (purchase award)

© 2015
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dimensions in inches: 6 x 4 x 2

SOLD – Baylor University Purchase Award



About this piece:

The black walnut tree is considered a nuisance by many, in part, because of the large hull-covered nuts that litter and stain the area beneath them each fall. But, the fruit of the black walnut is precious to me, and October will find me competing with squirrels for the dye-rich drupes of the black walnut tree. The pages of Black were ecodyed using leaves from a black walnut tree in a soup that included the tree’s fruit. Black folios interspersed in the book hold discharge prints from the leaves as well. Drawing on my fascination with the grand metalworked treasure bindings of the Middle Ages, the covers of Black were forged by flooding silver-bearing solder over brass, and embedding an art deco finding and hand-crafted clasps in the metal while it was in a liquid state. A black onyx was set in the finding. Goatskin parchment straps were riveted into place on both covers to hold the book securely closed.

metal, black onyx, paper, goatskin parchment, thread

About the artist:
resides in West Chester, Pennsylvania, United States
Pennsylvania book artist Leslie Marsh is driven by her love of nature and a fascination for cultural and family history. Using metal, stones and vintage findings, she forges relic-like book covers that call to mind medieval treasure bindings created during the Middle Ages. Leslie also spends a lot of time experimenting with the marks left by leaves on paper by steeping the two together. Her books are held in private collections across the US, Europe and Australia.

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Leslie Marsh – Black – SOLD (purchase award)

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