Lisa Miles – Codex Yaxetcetera – Purchase Award

© 2016
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dimensions in inches: 7 x 24




About this piece:
In many languages worldwide, no distinction is made between the colors blue and green. The ancient Maya used the word “yax” to invoke this color range. To clarify a specific hue, they would say “yax like the sky” or “yax like the grass.” This one-of-a-kind artist book is a global exploration of words used to describe our distinct ways of seeing and experiencing blue and green and the liminal space in-between.

paper, ink
About the artist:

lives in Iowa City, IA, United States

Lisa Miles is a papermaker, printmaker, and book artist. She is currently pursuing an MFA at the University of Iowa Center for the Book. Her work meditates on the book as an artifact – a tool for communication across continents and centuries. She holds a BFA in Design from The New England School of Art & Design in Boston. After college, she moved to New Mexico and studied printmaking and book arts at the Santa Fe Community College. Originally from New England, Miles has been reborn as a New Mexican and is eager to return to the desert where she will continue to make handmade books and paper.

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Lisa Miles – Codex Yaxetcetera – Purchase Award

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