Sarah Bryant – Simulations on a Two Dimensional Grid


© 2013
edition of 10
8.5 x 5.25 x .15


Simulations on a Two-dimensional Grid is part of the Ideation by Chance exhibition in which artists set out to make a book based on random assignments from a deck of options.

Here are the parameters set for this book:

Adjectives: personal, scientific, ordinary, complicated, colorful
Color: favorite
Describe: narrative
Imagery: none
Layout: across folds
Paper: pre-treated, crumpled, painted, pasted, etc.
Structure: unbound/ boxed
Technical: hand drawn, painted/ collaged, etc.
Text: collaborate with writer/poet/other

Sarah Bryant is a letterpress printer and bookbinder specializing in the production of editioned artist’s books under her imprint, Big Jump Press. Her books have been featured in exhibitions around the United States and have been acquired by special collections libraries internationally, including The Yale Arts Library, The Houghton Library at Harvard University, The New York Public Library and The Darling Bio-medical Library at UCLA. She currently lives in the UK.

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Sarah Bryant – Simulations on a Two Dimensional Grid

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